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Focused streamlining of your energy strategy

As energy experts we offer Advisory and Consulting services to evaluate every part of your business and build a long-term, sustainable energy strategy. Our consultants perform energy audits, assessments and feasibility studies to build your unique energy profile so we can identify and implement resourceful, cost-effective solutions.


We work closely with your team to ensure the energy investments you make meet your strategic goals and match your technical requirements. We can perform one-off audits with objective reporting that you can integrate with your supplier of choice or partner with you over the long term to transform your business through our solutions.

K E Y  B E N E F I T S


Access to a team of consultants who understand industry-specific energy requirements and opportunities


Ongoing refinement of your energy strategy to keep up with demand and maximise return on investment


Accurate, objective and transparent reports that help identify profitable opportunities.


Available as a standalone service or as part of a full solutions package


Having an energy strategy in place is a great way of streamlining your business. But operational tasks and mission-critical projects often detract from the continuous improvement of your strategy.


As your business grows, so does the way it consumes energy. The strategy you started out with doesn’t suit the business you have today – and want to build tomorrow – and by the time you realise there are gaps and inefficiencies it can become a seemingly insurmountable task to fix it.


From analysing the smallest physical component to compiling intricate business plans, our consultants look at key aspects of your business to help improve your energy strategy where it matters most. We follow a targeted, methodical approach to make sure we interrogate every business area so you can rest easy knowing nothing has been overlooked, misinterpreted or analysed in isolation.


Our team works closely with yours, so we understand every aspect of your business before making energy recommendations. Because you can use Advisory and Consulting as a standalone service without purchasing any of our solutions, we offer expert, objective, obligation-free feedback that doesn’t come with any fine print. Our consultants are there to consult – not to sell – and they recommend whatever route will be best for your business to ensure smart energy sustainability.


If you opt to combine our Advisory and Consulting service with other Sinani offerings, we can create a bespoke solutions package that can help move your business forward on its energy journey

A holistic service without fine print

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Determining requirements based on your energy profile

We analyse your business to create a unique energy profile that we use to gain an understanding of how, where and why energy is consumed. This helps us identify opportunities for resourceful, cost-effective energy solutions and we work with you to create a sustainable, long-term energy strategy.

We provide input that covers your overall strategic goals and the real, on-the-ground requirements your business needs to function properly. From basement to boardroom, we can help you understand why things are the way they are and what you can do to improve them. For example, if we see your energy usage keeps shifting, we can suggest alternative components you can install or different ways of structuring processes so you can use the most power you need when it’s at its cheapest – even if you operate 24 hours a day.

Objective Auditing & Reporting With Actionable Insights

We use the energy management cycle and follow an objective process to evaluate your business so you can gain control of energy usage. This covers:


We start with an energy audit to develop an energy baseline so we can identify opportunities to optimise consumption. After assessing your energy usage, we perform feasibility studies on energy management and alternative energy solutions to determine the financial benefits and energy efficiency linked to different types of solutions.

Readable and Reliable Reporting


At Sinani, we are determined to provide transparent and accurate feedback about what our solutions can deliver. Our reporting service demonstrates in real, monetary terms where your business would have been had you not partnered with us – showing you exactly what value you’re gaining from our services.


Our reports are easy to interpret – either with your own team or with the help of ours – and they aren’t riddled with convoluted terms or hidden outcomes that create a hazy view of what the report actually says. We also use reporting to identify and fill any gaps in your energy strategy by constantly re-evaluating where your business wants to go, how your usage and management can be improved and whether there are different components we can combine to give you the best return on investment.


Strategic Input That Doesn't Compromise On Technical Expertise

The Sinani consultants have been hand-picked to make sure we can provide advice and input that covers a range of industries, business types and organisation sizes.


We understand the geographical, operational and legislative challenges of each and work with your engineers, business leaders and operational teams to not only explain what the way forward can look like – we empower them to take control and play an active part in your energy transformation.

Our combination of business acumen and technical knowledge positions us as experts who can suggest solutions that demonstrate the correlation between what drives costs, what you should be achieving and what technologies will fit in with your business environment.


Thanks to our company’s Level 2 B-BBEE status you also can easily meet the specific scorecard requirements your business needs to adhere to.

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