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Making your solar aspirations a sustainable reality

Through our Engineered Solutions we implement specialised Solar PV and other designs uniquely created for your business. Our engineers develop components, reports and strategies that address your specific energy requirements and partner with you from project feasibility and detailed design straight through to procurement, construction and operation.


In addition to analysing the geographical, operational and size limitations you might face, we also collect data through our ongoing Smart Metering and Monitoring system, so we can predict and eliminate the risk associated with your energy investment.

K E Y  B E N E F I T S


Measurable return on investment for all Solar PV modules and other designs


Guaranteed quality through the installation of Tier 1 panels


Product-agnostic designs that don’t limit you to specific providers


Timeous installations that match your project plans and industry requirements

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Everyone is talking solar these days, and with good reason: the security, autonomy and green-economy benefits it delivers are becoming business imperatives.


But as demand grows, so does the number of so-called providers who are rushing to get ahead of the game by installing solutions left, right and centre without giving sustainability a second thought. To truly make your solar journey a success you need to implement solutions – specifically engineered for your business – that are reliable, effective and future-proof.


Solar PV Solutions That Provide Return On Investment

The installation of bespoke Solar PV modules is one of Sinani’s strongest Engineered Solutions offerings with a proven track record of success. Any tech-savvy person can build and install a solar system, but true energy engineers like us know how much needs to happen behind the scenes to scale the solution properly and ensure maximum return on investment.

Our team takes your unique needs into account to assess challenges like:

Roof or Land
Usage Over
& Location

By collecting data through our energy management system, we can predict and eliminate the risk associated with an energy investment.

Making Sure The Numbers Make Sense - And Are TRUE

Everything in this industry is driven by numbers. Are you paying the right tariffs? Is your business losing on its investment? Does your energy infrastructure keep up with production?


We have full confidence in the success of our Solar PV modules and provide Smart Metering and Monitoring and ongoing reports to demonstrate real, tangible benefits without fudging the numbers to paint a pretty picture that doesn’t truly reflect the value you derive.

We sit with each of your teams to go through the numbers in a way that makes sense to them and in a format they prefer: whether it’s spreadsheets with monetary results or dashboards that demonstrate energy consumption and efficiency.

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Our tailored Engineered Solutions provide clients with bespoke energy components, reports and strategies that address their specific requirements. We go back to basics and find out what really makes your business tick, instead of scoping on maximum amounts for components your business might not even need.

We follow a carefully planned staged approach to ensure the solutions we implement are suited for your energy usage today and caters for the growth of your business tomorrow. Our reliable four-step process includes:



We scope the entire project to determine what will make the most consumption and financial sense. We prioritise different areas of development according to your growth plans.


Based on our research, we use your energy profile to design detailed solutions suited to your requirements.


We procure the required components and follow a solid installation schedule so you can be up-and-running in no time.


We are with you during every stage of your energy journey. Once the solution has been implemented, we work with you to refine and monitor its performance.

We implement your solution and adapt its capacity over different phases as needed. We are in the process of adding storage components to our suite and, depending on regulatory advancements, we can eventually offer a completely off-the-grid engineered solution.


A Product-Agnostic Solutions Team, Focused on Your Success

Because we offer product-agnostic solutions, you can rest assured that we design and implement components that will work best with your business.


All our solar modules are certified Tier 1 panels. Considering only 2% of panels used worldwide are Tier 1 quality, you can be assured we are determined to provide the latest and best solutions to our clients.

Our roots are firmly planted in the success of your business and when we work with your business our crew becomes your crew.


We don’t believe in copy-and paste solutions which is why we integrate ourselves into your team and engineer solutions that not only work the way you them to: they empower everyone in your company to be a part of your energy journey.