Supporting the growth of our green economy

We offer Funding and Incentives programmes for all our projects. We assess the individual requirements of each one to propose a funding structure that is mutually beneficial while helping you make the most of various tax and cost-saving incentives along the way.


We can either fully fund a project or fund it in part, providing you with buy-out options and flexible terms to suit your budget. Our funding is available over a 10-year term and we can offer electrify at reduced rates for the duration of the funding period.

K E Y    B E N E F I T S


Zero CAPEX investment, yielding positive returns from year one


Flexible terms and buy-out options


Energy sold at more affordable rates during the funding period


Level 2 B-BBEE partnership to assist with scorecard requirements


Cost savings through tax incentives and energy-savvy solutions


Incorporating solar energy into your business is a very beneficial part of any sustainability strategy.


Unfortunately, businesses don’t always have the necessary funds to get these projects off the ground, or individuals are unable to convince decision-makers in the business to allocate budget for solar projects. Whether it’s a start-up venture or established operation, businesses of all sizes need some form of funding partnership to make their solar aspirations a reality.

Positive returns, flexible options

Everything in our industry is driven by numbers which is why we consider various funding and incentive options for every project we work on. Our Funding and Incentives model offers two key benefits:​

Zero CAPEX investment, which allows the  project to be cash-positive from day one

Matching funding repayments with energy savings, resulting in positive returns from year one

We work with each client to understand their funding requirements and we can either fund it completely or fund a portion of it in collaboration with them. Our funding works across a 10-year term and we offer buy-out options at any time.

Because we already understand what your business needs are, we can facilitate the necessary funding quickly and efficiently so your project can get off the ground as soon as possible.

Industry-specific incentives

By partnering with Sinani, you can benefit from several incentives.

Our Level 2 B-BBEE rating means we can offer a proprietary solar and BEE model which assist your business when it comes to preferential procurement. Our Solar PV Engineered Solution allows for tax incentives from the government while our Smart Metering and Monitoring service helps you implement more energy-savvy, cost-effective options.

When you partner with us for funding, we can sell power to you at a reduced rate for the duration of the funding period to provide even more financial benefit.

Putting our own money on the line

We have an unshakeable belief in the quality and success of our products which is why we are willing to invest our own money to get your Sinani Energy project up and running. We are dedicated to driving the growth of South Africa’s green economy and want to support as many businesses as possible to do so: either through the provision of our solutions and consulting or through providing funding where it’s needed.

Because of our own entrepreneurial spirit, we are passionate about helping other entrepreneurs make solar part of their long-term strategy and are willing, capable and ready to partner with them on their energy journey.


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