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Demand Management


Several tariffs bill clients on the maximum demand reached monthly. This value is taken as the maximum recorded during the billing period in thirty-minute intervals. With the tariffs that have a Maximum Demand Charge, this charge alone can contribute up to

In the example below, the load profile shows pumps that run well below 85kVA normally but for some reason, they ran up to 100kVA on the 8th and so for this billing period, the Maximum Demand Charge will be based on 100kVA instead of 85kvA. This additional 15kVA can cost the client an addition amount of up to R3,000.00 on their bill, just for a momentary spike.

Figure 1: Sunriver Citrus - Klein Welgemoed


Solution 1: Alerting

In the event that such spikes occur often and the cause can be pinpointed, Sinani Energy is able to provide alerts through the visualisation platform when the demand at the site is nearing a set threshold. This will allow the individuals on the ground to either check on machinery that may be faulty or turn machinery off to avoid excessive demand charges.

Figure 2: Still Klein Welgemoed


Solution 2: Submetering

Where multiple processes run at one site, it may be beneficial to stagger the processes, so they are not running at the same time and hence, their individual draw on the supply does not compound into larger maximum demand readings.

The image below shows Twizza Cape Town’s load profile in January 2019. The site has three processes shown in the green, grey and lime on the load profiles. Because the lime process started before the grey one ended on the 8th, the maximum demand reached was 250kVA more than it needed to be. This additional 250kVA at an average rate of R200/kvA would mean an additional R50,000.00 to their bill.

Figure 3: Twizza Jan

The image below shows how the same site was running its processes in August of the same year. The maximum demand never went higher than 1,000kVA since the processes were clearly separated.

Figure 4: Twizza Aug


Demand Management

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