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Energy Development Case Study | Consulting

Sinani Energy is an energy solutions provider that creates sustainable, bespoke energy solutions for our clients.

We have significant experience in Energy consulting, Energy management and solar installations, having delivered projects across an array of industries.

We approach energy design and consulting using a phased approach, as most first phases inform phases that follow.

We perform feasibility studies, manage engineering projects, provide technical oversight and provide transparent feedback.



Requirement of energy consultancy services to conduct feasibility studies, scope upgrades and review tenders for an Integrated Energy Storage System Project.



Everything we do is grounded on gathering data that is accurate, interpreting that data and finding solutions that result in financial stability.

Scoping and feasibility studies to make informed infrastructure decisions:

We provide technical models with changeable inputs to empower your decision making now and in the future

A review of your technical documentation, including tender bidding documents and advise bidders on required adjustments.

Reliable advisory to inform your energy strategy and future upgrade decisions.

Sinani Energy aims to become a trusted partner in delivering innovative, reliable and repeatable solutions to your company.



For our consulting and advisory service, our fee structure is time-based.

A project cost will need to be allocated based on the proposal and scope of works.

Based on the scope identified by our processes, the indicative consulting costs for the initial phase of a project is determined. Costing for subsequent phases come as needed.



Our solutions are tailored to each client in order to empower them to manage their consumption.

With this approach, Sinani ensures a thorough scoping and costing with timelines and deliverables tailored to the project.


Eureka Gold Mine: Energy Development Case Study

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