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Smart Metering and Energy Management

One of the biggest cost implications for a business is energy usage–an unpredictable and often invisible expense.

Businesses might not always understand why their energy shifts the way it does,which means they could end up paying for something they aren’t even using. Unpredictable spikes can make budgeting a nightmare while inexplicable increasing consumption can cause cost center chaos. What’s more, currents don’t provide accurate data and create unrealistic key performance indicators to achieve energy saving goals.

Electricity is no longer seen as just another line item on the balance sheet but a core focus that must be measured and managed.

Key considerations

Do you know what the biggest energy users in your business are?

Can you quantify energy costs?

Are you able to reconcile your energy bills with their utility?

Are you able to scale your energy requirements in line with what you actually consume?


Metering and Monitoring, made easy

Our solution:

  • Tracks energy usage on a site in real time

  • Provides actionable behavioural patterns

  • Monitors usage on site, at scheduled intervals that fit your operational needs, to help identify key issues

  • Identifies big energy users of the business

  • Helps you analyse and understand spikes in energy usage


Increased efficiency, better carbon emissions

Through our Smart Metering and Monitoring, you can use the power that you need, for the time you need it. This unlocks cost savings and increases profitability by putting you in control of your energy consumption costs. You are also in a better position to improve your carbon emissions by identifying key energy users and replacing them with energy-savvy options.


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