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Transnet Port Authority Port of Port Elizabeth | Case Study


There was a Request for Quote (RFQ) put out for the design and costing of a Solar PV system for the Port of Port Elizabeth at the Car-park of the TNPA Admin Building.

The objective was a 525kWp Carport Solar PV System that reduced the cost of energy for the port, and provided shaded parking for the tenants of the TNPA Admin Building. The process in general was a pilot for TNPA in developing a Solar PV system and to understand the design process and financial modelling of a Solar PV System.

The PV system was also to be part of the Ports Green Port Initiative – looking to introduce green technologies, so the system is suitable for the incorporation of electric car charging at a later stage.



Sinani Energy essentially acted as consulting Engineers for the project, we provided pre-feasibility services & validated the clients needs and objectives.

We implemented a geo-technical investigation as the car-park area is reclaimed land (was once the ocean), we designed a bespoke carport structure in collaboration with Structural Engineer Tim Jones. We designed and specified the electrical elements and had to use 400W modules that have a higher power density due to the large cost of the carport structure. The total size designed was 525kWp as per the design requirements. The design also incorporated feasibility for rain water harvesting



Sinani Energy delivered a design for a fully bespoke carport Solar PV system that met the clients objectives and is anticipated to initially reduce the annual energy import of the Port by 800 000 kWh.

Sinani Energy developed the Tender that is to be used for the next phase of the project – the construction phase.



The project was an educational experience for TNPA as it was a pilot project and they had little experience with the technology. It taught a lot about the processes and procedures of a State Owned Enterprise.

The future of this project is uncertain as the next phase of construction has to go out to tender now and is dependent on internal TNPA processes.


TNPA | Case Study

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