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WHYTES CITRUS | Consulting Case Study

A word from Nick Whyte, Whyte Citrus CEO



Whytes Citrus experienced constrained margins due to high monthly electricity costs.


The impending Eskom tariff increases, and more approved for the next 3 years.


1. A changed tariff structure, to purchase electricity at cheaper rates seasonally.

2. Consolidated electrical supply points:

  • Buy cheaper electricity in bulk.

  • Form consolidated generation centre, reduced Capex and Opex .

  • Consolidated demand profile for reduced maximum demand costs.

  • Eliminated admin and service fees by closing unnecessary accounts.

3. Installed solar PV system to supplement the electricity supply at a favourable ROI.



Active energy management! Shifting anytime loading - such as pumping - outside of peak, expensive electricity hours.


Tariff savings, demand savings, solar savings, load shifting savings, and a better understanding of how to manage energy effectively!


Consulting Case Study: Whytes Citrus

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