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Improve carbon emissions by replacing key areas with greener options


Smart Metering and Monitoring is an ongoing service we provide to help you stay on top of your energy usage and billing. This holistic offering builds a unique energy profile you can use to identify high energy users on a macro level (specific departments or operational areas) and at a granular level (specific equipment or machinery). This helps zoom in on problem areas so you can eliminate unexpected spikes and better manage your energy consumption – all while keeping your future energy needs in mind.


We help remove the uncertainty of unpredictable municipal billing by putting you firmly in control of how you consume energy while our forecasting insights help you understand what your energy accounts will look like over time.

K E Y  B E N E F I T S


Improve profitability by identifying big energy users and replacing them with energy-savvy options


Save costs by consuming only the energy you need, for the time you need it


Understand and manage usage to predict and mitigate energy spikes


Stay on top of billing through reliable account forecasting and tracked usage over time


One of the biggest cost implications for a business is energy usage – an unpredictable and often invisible expense.

Businesses might not always understand why their energy shifts the way it does, which means they could end up paying for something they aren’t even using. Unpredictable spikes can make budgeting a nightmare while inexplicable consumption can cause cost centre chaos. What’s more, current municipal monitoring systems don’t provide accurate data and create unrealistic key performance indicators to achieve energy saving goals.

Metering & Monitoring Made Easy

Our Smart Metering and Monitoring solution helps you monitor and improve your energy usage while streamlining costs. Although it’s intricate in its design, it’s easy to use and can quickly help you make the most of your energy strategy. Thanks to its proven methodology, this solution:

We can also create a monitor schedule unique to your frequency of use to help keep your finger on the pulse of your consumption, 24/7.

Thanks to its proven methodology, this solution:

  • Tracks energy usage on a site in real time

  • Provides actionable behavioural patterns

  • Monitors usage on site, at scheduled intervals that fit your operational needs, to help identify key issues

  • Identifies big energy users of the business

  • Helps you analyse and understand spikes in energy usage

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Keep Track Of Billing & Save Costs

Electricity is no longer seen as just another line item on the balance sheet but rather a core focus that must be measured and managed. With the current municipal measuring systems, you could be underbilled the one month and completely overbilled the next with no explanation.

Our solution identifies the biggest energy users in your business over a period of time so can reconcile your bills with your usage. Because you use the power that you need, only for the time you need it, you can unlock cost savings and increase profitability by staying you in control of your energy consumption costs.

You are also in a better position to improve carbon emissions by identifying key energy users and replacing them with energy-savvy options


Smart Metering and Monitoring provides rich data that creates a holistic view of your business to build a unique energy profile. Because electricity is billed in arrears, we can use your profile to help predict your upcoming energy costs and identify areas of inconsistency or concern so you can have a full view of where your business is – and where it could be.

At Sinani, we walk the energy journey alongside our clients, and we sit with you to interpret the data into actionable plans to improve and streamline anything through our Advisory and Consulting service.


The data we collect belongs to your business. We don’t charge extra rates to extract and provide data to you and you have access to your very own data dashboard to see what your energy profile and performance looks like.

Combining technical know-how with business insights...

When it comes to solar energy, you might find that providers have a strong focus on either technical knowledge or business acumen – but hardly both. 

We combine technical expertise to suggest and implement the right solar solution for your business by taking your entire operational strategy into account. We analyse your specific industry, processes, location and setup, and partner with you to transform these into something great.