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Tailored Solar PV solutions for your specific commercial and industrial needs.


National and Local Compliance Regulations:

Different municipalities and regions have different requirements that must be undertaken before a system goes live. Our national footprint ensures that we are fully compliant with those requirements.

Engineering Designs:

Our solar design engineers provide full design services that accurately model the size of each solar system taking into consideration existing infrastructure and ensuring that your solar system is designed to yield the best results for your operation.


Leveraging on our buying power and relationships with local and global supply partners we adopt best-in-class components with extensive warranties from our supply partners. Looking after this process ensures we have the right components to build a system that will outlast its 25 year lifespan


Sinani Energy has an in-house construction team to manage the construction process from start to finish. The highest Health and Safety standards are adhered to while ensuring there is minimum disruption to the day-to-day operations of the property.

The implementation of solar for your business is the harnessing of low-cost clean energy to stabilize your energy needs, grow your business and become more sustainable.

Sinani Energy has a team of engineers and professionals that provide a turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) service. All aspects of the project implementation are taken care of by our in-house team.


These include but are not limited to: 

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Harnessing of low-cost clean energy to stabilize your energy needs, grow your business and become more sustainable.


Customised Solar PV solutions to benefit your commercial and industrial business

Get the most out a sustainable energy solution.




A grid-tied solution operates in parallel with your existing grid connection. The solar systems core function is to supplement your grid power at a significantly reduced cost during day-light operating hours.



While many factors have to considered when going off the grid, the off-grid solution will have a storage component, typically in battery as its core. This solution enables the operation to operate independently from the grid. Off-grid solutions are for operation whose locations have a weak to no grid supply.



The Sinani Energy micro solutions is smart way for operations to have an integrated energy mixture. The solution can comprise of solar, diesel generator, grid connection and batteries. The micro grid solution is reticulated in such as way as to pull the most efficient power the most reliable sources of power at any given without any disruption or interruption to power


Fianance Solutions



The Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) solution allows our clients to raise their capital to put towards financing the solar system themselves. This allows the client to see quicker return on investments as well other tax benefits.


A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows a business to enjoy the immediate benefits of a solar energy and no upfront costs. The solar system is on the premises, owned and maintained by Sinani Energy for the duration of the agreement.


Sinani Energy as flexible buy-out terms and buy-out to suit the clients budget.


With our flexible finance solutions and leveraging on key legislation there is an opportunity to co-own the solar system with Sinani Energy. Co owning a solar solution levering the best of both a CAPEX and PPA solution allows us to meet your budgetary requirements.

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