Your success is our purpose and we partner with you every step of the way

Sinani Energy is an energy solutions provider that delivers tailored products and services that optimise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower reliance on the national grid – ultimately improving profitability and sustainability. As a Level 2 B-BBEE Business we've developed a unique scorecard approach that helps you target elements that are hard to obtain or easily overlooked to ensure regulatory compliance.  


A foundation that still fuels our passion today

When founders Steven Mortlock, Matthew Ball and Abonga Nkwelo came together in 2015 they knew there was a desperate need for a new generation of solar solutions in South Africa. They set out to create an organisation that provides not only cutting-edge solutions and technical know-how but also incorporates business acumen to address the organisational, geographic and industry-specific challenges unique to each client.

This alternative approach paid off, and what started as a small solar energy provider to individual farms in the Eastern Cape soon grew into an agile, experienced organisation with a nationwide footprint and focused expertise across a range of industries. As our team continues to grow, the same entrepreneurial spirit that founded Sinani still fuels our absolute belief that the work we do with our clients makes a positive contribution to Africa and its people. 


We don’t believe in copy-and-paste solutions

Our team of qualified industry professionals understand how the energy landscape is always changing. Sticking to the status quo doesn’t cut it and we always challenge ourselves to find innovative solutions that benefit our clients. 

For us, it’s business unusual and we are constantly looking for ways to remain on the forefront of our industry. We are obsessed with how our technology works and use only reliable and market-leading options that guarantee delivery. We don’t believe in copy-and-paste services and we tailor solutions that are unique to each business.


Our pledge to you

Our purpose is rooted in the meaning of our name: Sinani, we are with you. We walk the energy journey alongside our clients, whatever it takes, to help them build an energy efficient and sustainable future while managing the financial intricacies that come with solar energy solutions.

We go beyond being a provider. Working with Sinani means being part of our team – and us being part of yours – so we can partner together to make your organisation’s transformation part of South Africa’s energy revolution.




Director | Business Development & Marketing

BSocSci: Industrial and Organisational Psychology 

“With Sinani’s energy solutions, companies can take an invisible and integral part of their business and make it tangible so they can get the most out of their energy strategy.”


Director | Technical & Engineering

M.Sc Mechanical Engineering (UCT) Pr Eng

 “We are growing as a business that continues to deliver value so we can operate as a recognised and preferred energy solutions provider.”


“Sinani’s greatest contributions to the South African economy will be increasing the production of green energy, improving how efficiently businesses are using energy and creating employment.”


Director | Commercial & Finance


B.Sc Mechanical Engineering  (University of Cape Town)

What I’ll do for you

  • Tailored reports on energy and utility analyses

  • Benchmarking and KPI developments

  • Start-up optimisation development

  • Quantifying inefficiencies, efficiencies and savings to currency value

"As humans we’ve come a long way with our technology, but this has come at a great cost through the damage global warming has done to our beautiful planet. Working for Sinani means being part of a remedial plan aimed at backtracking the negative effects of inefficient and unsustainable energy production."


N.Dip Mechanical Engineering (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

What I’ll do for you

  • Site and project management

  • Energy cost reduction and effective power management

  • Analytical data and optimisation reports

  • Bespoke solar integrated solutions

“Being a member of the Sinani Energy team means genuinely helping people address ongoing energy challenges. We use the latest technology in all our projects and, since we are always working with new and different challenges, each of us can grow alongside the team while focusing on areas we are passionate about.”


B.Sc Electro-Mechanical Engineering (University of Cape Town)
M.Sc Mechanical Engineering (University of Cape Town)

What I’ll do for you

  • Site and project management

  • Reduce energy costs and manage power consumption

  • Quantify inefficiencies, efficiencies and savings in monetary terms

  • Tailored energy, utility and risk analysis reports

“My passion for the energy sector is deeply rooted in the transformative potential of energy availability and efficiency. The projects we work on are extremely rewarding, technically challenging and incredibly impactful. Working with Sinani enables me to add tangible value to clients."


B.Sc Construction Studies &
B.Sc (Hon) Construction Management (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

What I’ll do for you

  • Solar PV system design and implementation

  • Site and project management

  • Analytical data and optimisation reports

  • Benchmarking and utility reports

"I’ve always been interested in renewable and sustainable living, so joining Sinani Energy has enabled me to be part of a solution in a country where energy supply is a major concern – an exciting journey with huge opportunities."


B.Eng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

(University of Johannesburg)

What I’ll do for you

  • Tailored reports on energy and utility analyses

  • Quantify inefficiencies, efficiencies and savings

  • Benchmarking and optimisation developments

"I am passionate about the ecosystem and working for Sinani Energy enables me to be part of the design thinkers who provide valuable solutions to our energy crisis and yield a supply of renewable energy to replace carbon-intensive energy sources and significantly reduce global warming."


B.Sc (Hon) Mechanical Engineering (University of Cape Town)

What I’ll do for you

  • Solar PV system design and implementation

  • Site and project management

  • Research and design of solar integrated systems

  • Energy and utility analyses

"Growing up in Zimbabwe I saw first-hand how energy inefficiencies haunted businesses and citizens. I firmly believe renewable energy is the way forward in Africa and working with Sinani gives me the opportunity to apply my mind towards providing tailored solutions that really make a difference."


N.Dip Building (Central University of Technology, Free State)

What I’ll do for you

  • Project and people management

  • Energy management and optimisation

  • Implement cutting-edge construction techniques using the best solar technology

"South Africa, Africa and the world are in dire need of sustainable and efficient energy usage solutions that are engineered specifically for the task at hand. With Sinani, I have the opportunity to work on these solutions and be part of a positive wave of change."


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